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Chita, Siberia
 Chita, Siberia, May 2013
31/05/2013 11:52:12 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

It was exactly 20 years ago that David was first invited to Siberia, to Chita, and it was here that God spoke to him and gave him a strategy to win Russia for Christ. Communism in Russia had only just collapsed, but many cities in Siberia were still closed cities - no one could get in without a special permit. Chita itself had been a closed city until 3 years before, totally without God, built for prisoners exiled, first by the old Tsarist regime, then under communism. Because of the extreme conditions - working in mines, the cold (minus 45-50 degrees centigrade in Winter), lack of food - thousands died. Even the roads were laid on the bones of the prisoners who had perished in great suffering, many of them believers exiled for their faith. In this city of 400,000, there was one church, pioneered just 2 years before, in 1991, by missionaries from Belarus. In 1993 David and his small team were the first British people ever to enter the city. At the time, everyone told him that it was impossible: the logistics alone almost guaranteed failure. But like Abraham, David obeyed and went. The result was not just a revival, but an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and miracles in evangelism which has lasted. The work in Siberia ultimately became the foundation of David's ministry today to Russian-speaking people in Israel, and also to the former Soviet dominated countries in Catholic Europe.

Now, May 2013, after a 7 hour flight from Moscow, we received a wonderful reception for the five days of ministry in the church building: over 100 new people repented in the first two days, and then David ministered to almost 1000 pastors and leaders from the whole region of Siberia. During our visit we heard so many testimonies of people saved and miraculously healed during that time of ministry 20 years ago - many of the converts now are evangelists and pastors - they told us that as a result of that awesome ministry there are more churches in that region than any other part of Russia! The church is still under the leadership of the same pastor and his wife. The church continues to grow and to send out missionaries to China, Iran, Israel and the rest of Russia. 


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