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 Mustard Seed Faith
06/02/2017 14:27:48 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

In Matthew 17, when Jesus - with Peter, James and John - came down from the Mount of Transfiguration, He found the other disciples at the bottom, unable to heal the boy possessed by an evil spirit. Jesus said two things: firstly, that this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting; then secondly, He rebuked His disciple' lack of faith, saying that if they had faith even as small as a grain of mustard seed they could command this mountain to move. We all accept the need of faith in our lives, especially as without it, we cannot be saved, but this kind of faith is different. It is a real gift (see the gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12), but also it is demonstrably necessary to those who are called into service. It must be a vital part of our experience if we are to engage in spiritual warfare. The believer who has not yet moved a 'mountain', has not yet begun the real task of the ministry because Jesus went on to say that 'nothing is impossible'. I challenge you to begin to act in the power and authority of your faith. So many times I have had to face the impossible and seen God move in power, and I challenge you to begin to do it yourself!

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