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 Jesus will come into your home
03/04/2017 16:15:39 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone should hear My voice and open the door, then I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me" (Revelation 3:20). Jesus wants to become your friend, part of your home, part of your family. God is not just somebody up in Heaven; He sent His Son into the world to reconcile us back to God. What a miracle! God so loved you that He sent His Only Son. I am not talking about religion, but the reality of who Jesus is. 

Having 'religion' doesn't make you a believer. There is only ONE WAY you can REALLY believe, it's if you KNOW WHO GOD IS! You can learn every word in the Bible - you can know everything about religion - but if you don't know God, it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Faith is more than knowing the Bible, it is knowing THE GOD OF THE BIBLE, HAVING A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.

If you could know Jesus like this, absolutely nothing is impossible! My Jesus heals the sick, mends broken bones and specialises in the things no human doctor can do. What an exciting God! A God of miracles, a God of power and authority! A God who changes people's lives! I want you to experience His forgiveness as you come to Him now, approach Him personally as a friend! But ask His forgiveness for all your sin, then accept it by faith... in Him alone! 

During February 1998 while evangelising in Siberia, I became excited because one night a man gave his testimony: He had stolen from a shop and been put in prison, but in the prison, he lost his temper and killed a man, ending up with a 21-year sentence! While still there, somebody told him about Jesus Christ, he believed, repented and began to serve Jesus. He had only been out of prison two months and yet he had already won his whole family to Christ, was evangelising every day, and he was the happiest man in the meeting that night! What had happened? He had felt the power of God come into his life, he did not become religious, but he really believed and this faith changed him! His happiness was a demonstration of the real change in his life - not his release from prison, but his release from the guilt of murder! Jesus Himself said in Matthew 9:2, "Son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven." We all have a reason to rejoice - we're forgiven!

I want you to get as excited as I am about who the REAL Jesus is! Being a believer longer than most of you, I've experienced many problems, such as cancer, and have spent a year in prison for the Gospel - but in all my life GOD HAS NEVER FAILED ME ONCE! HE has ALWAYS answered my prayers! There is no one like Him! If you knew MY Jesus, you would become so enthusiastic, so full of the power of the Holy Spirit that the whole world would want to know YOUR Jesus! Enthusiasm is extremely infectious!

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