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 Ukraine, December 2017
04/01/2018 14:17:35 GMT
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In December David visited the war zone in East Ukraine, this was his second visit there. He said to the soldiers, "It's easy to call people in Kiev to pray that the war will stop, but I have come to be with you, to pray with you. This war is not from God. God is Healing, Love, Power and Blessing."

And so, on the last weekend of the year before Christmas, David joined with local Christians in their regular task of taking aid through the military check points into the 'grey zone' - former Ukraine territory - now neither part of Ukraine nor Russia; land that is neither at war nor at peace, where after dark the shelling begins and soldiers and civilians alike die violently every day; land where 'so much blood has been shed, it will take a long time to dry on the streets of the ruined towns and cities'; land where the lives of the living have been torn apart, some fleeing to Russia, some deep inside Ukraine; and some have chosen to stay in misery, because they either lack the will or do not know where to go. They live in misery, not just because of bullets and shells, not just because of roofless buildings with blown-out windows, but because their industries are paralysed - materials on one side of the border, factories to process them, on another side - power supplies cut, no work, no pay.

On the Sunday, David preached to an absolutely full church, and afterwards aid was distributed to those who were on the needy register. And after that, we were driven one hour to a bombed-out ghost town, Kurdiumovka, in the 'grey zone' where the guns still fire, and where people still live and who came to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then it was a dash back to catch the evening train to Kiev.


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