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 Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine
13/03/2018 10:11:31 GMT
Written by Admin

Here in Ukraine, with the help of the Ministry of David Hathaway, we continue to shoulder the responsibility to carry out social missions, helping refugees, internally displaced families, children, orphans and all the others who are in need because of the armed conflict in the East which affects the whole country.

The report we are sending you today was made during the trip we made with David to Slovyansk. It was December 2017, the month when the 'grey zone' was more like the active 'red zone'.

The humanitarian mission started with a trip which needed real faith from everyone involved, as we knew that an intelligence unit, deployed deep in the forest in the red zone, needed help urgently. Food supplies, generators, hammers, axes and chain saws for chopping wood for heat, printers and other aid were prepared and delivered by SUVs, the only kind of transport we could use which would get us through the trackless mud to our destination. Normally only tanks and military trucks drive through such terrain. David preached to the military just a few hundred meters from 'the other side'. The soldiers, some of whom were not allowed to show their faces, thanked David, as this kind of help can literally save their lives. 

The next day, Sunday, we distributed over 200 substantial food packages to refugees who had heard the news that David was visiting the church, 'The Transfiguration of God' and that they would be given help. Many repented and started attending the church, having received both spiritual and material help from God through the Ministry of David Hathaway. They thanked him with tears in their eyes as they saw the sacrifice of the mission. Even though some of them still have relatives on the 'other side' who may be endangered, many refugees still wanted to thank David publicly on camera!

After the main service, we visited the place where two sons of the senior pastor of the church and two other church members were brutally murdered by Russian-backed rebels. The Ministry of David Hathaway provided help to build the memorial, which is now under government protection. David's name is recorded on the memorial plate, a testimony to the Gospel, that his heart is not indifferent to all the tragedy which happened to the church. 

The last destination of our humanitarian mission was the largely ruined village of Kurdiumovka, the last village controlled by the Ukrainian side right next to the border. This mission was led by young people from the church in Slovyansk especially for the many young people living under desperate  and demoralising circumstances in this danger zone. The village itself was liberated from the other side, but only has an intermittent supply of electricity, gas and water. No jobs, no money, no confidence to be alive tomorrow. They do not leave the village, as they have no means to move out and nowhere to move to. Young and old are desperate. David preached the simple Gospel message, and we provided over 100 food packages. We have received news that a small church  started here following this visit. 

We prayerfully ask you to continue supporting David's humanitarian missions in Ukraine. Thousands of needy people have found the love of God through David, his vision and his social actions in Ukraine. 

Sincerely, Vadim and Sergiy


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