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Eurovision Mission to Europe
Eurovision: a vision and a ministry for Europe

Name: Eurovision Mission to Europe
Title: A Vision for Europe

Eurovision Mission to Europe, the charity founded in 1992 by David Hathaway, invests in the spiritual, moral and social well-being of individuals and nations in the former communist bloc.

Eurovision - working together with indigenous churches - actively contributes towards social welfare programmes, support of the vulnerable and the most needy by the promotion of important values: respect, tolerance, family, care for the sick, drug addicts and alcholics.

Our vision is for Europe - and the whole of Russia - won for Christ

Europe is the least evangelised continent in the world. Time magazine has called Europe 'the darkest continent in the world, spiritually speaking'. With 11% of the world's population, it is the third largest mission field - Europe needs Christ.

Eurovision - A vision and a ministry for over 60 years

David's ministry to Russia and Europe grew out of his Bible smuggling as Crusader Tours (his travel company) in the 1960's and 1970's; with open evangelism this grew into Crusader International Mission to Europe. In 1986, God gave him a vision that the Iron Curtain dividing Europe would collapse, and challenged him to hold an East/West conference in Karlsruhe, West Germany. The first convention in 1988 was attended by 4000 from the West, but by a miracle 600 East Europeans actually crossed through the Iron Curtain! The second conference was held in 1989 just days before the prophecy was fulfilled and the Iron Curtain fell.

The conference theme was 'Eurovision' (a vision for Europe). At the time of the first convention in 1988, David's ministry was still known as 'Crusader International Mission to Europe'. During this event, Pastors John and Dodie Osteen from Lakewood Church, Houston, USA, and Reinhard Bonnke, ministered alongside him. Sitting beside David, Dodie Osteen pointed to the big 'Eurovision' banner and said, 'David, this is your vision'. David did not at first appreciate the full implication of what God was saying, but he knew God had given him a powerful and life-changing vision that has been unfolding ever since. Eurovision began as a vision God gave David for Europe - Eurovision became the name of his ministry - Eurovision remains burning in his heart today.


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Poland, September 2014

Poland, September 2014
We were looking for the impossible - and yet on one day alone in that massive park, the largest nature park in Europe, up to 70,000 who entered the park passed through under the sound of the Gospel! We distributed all 100,000 of our specially printed evangelistic brochures - we ran out! The participating TV companies estimated that 25-30,000 people were in the venue, (designed to hold up to 30,000 people at a time), and according to the TV crews, the attendance in the park changed about 3 times during the day. It was not like a church or stadium meeting with a constant number of people - i ...

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