Humanitarian Mission to East Ukraine
22/11/2017 15:32:36 GMT
Written by Admin

Because of your generous support, David Hathaway's Ministry, working with the Ukraine Bible Society, was able to distribute hundreds of Bibles to those living and working in war-torn East Ukraine. Special waterproof editions were given to the military, whilst children and teenagers received age-specific editions to teach them the Word of God. Additionally, food supplies were given to those who live in the grey and red zones of the conflict. 

Despite the danger, many residents have not left their homes. Some have no place to go to, others simply will not leave behind their property for which they worked hard for so many years. The Bibles and humanitarian aid were gratefully received. 

Representatives of the Bible Society also donated medicines and hygiene supplies to military doctors who treat wounded soldiers. Special consideration and care was given to the needs of the children of the military personnel; their parents also received multi-functional solar-powered lanterns with built-in audio recordings of the Scripture.

With financial assistance from many Christians around the world, 45000 Bibles have been printed and distributed throughout the conflict zone, and to displaced people throughout all Ukraine. 

A soldier in the Ukrainian Army said, "I want to thank the Ukrainian Bible Society for providing us with this wonderful literature. I have never had a Bible, and now I have one; and I have received these wonderful children's Bibles. My son is three years old, and my daughter us a little more than a month. I wish we all had Bibles and prayed to God for peace in our land."


21/12/2009 11:11:33 GMT
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24-hour webcasts and radio programmes:

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 Life overcomes death
20/11/2017 16:01:09 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Jesus, the Son of the Living God, is alive with all power and authority. Put your trust in Him and He will give you hope for this life and the next.


 2017 Ministry Review
16/11/2017 10:48:10 GMT
Written by Admin

During 2017 David Hathaway's Ministry held Days of Prayer in Ukraine and UK, ministered in Israel, and supplied humanitarian items to the vulnerable and displaced.


 A God of miracles
13/11/2017 14:42:14 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

In our moments of crisis, it is easy to blame somebody else for our predicament, just as the disciples tried to do in John 9, but Jesus came to solve problems: He is a God of miracles.




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